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Standing Up for Prosperous, Educated & Safe Community 


About Tatyana 

Tatyana Thulien is a public figure, speaker, journalist, and instructor, that hails from Kiev, Ukraine. Her parents originally being from Russia and Ukraine, she grew up in a diverse, multilingual home.

She holds a master’s degree in engineering science from the Crimean State University of Technologies. Tatyana wrote her diploma paper in the Kiev Institute of the Nuclear Physics. She worked as an engineer at the Sputnik Systems Factory (Sevastopol, 1989-1994).

As USSR collapsed, Tatyana, a mother of two, became a small business owner working with large suppliers and producers. In the same time, she earns her business education with London Institute of Economics and becomes a recipient of the US Senator Cochran Fellowship, an advanced SB studying program (University of Georgia and University of Missouri) for new entrepreneurs from Ukraine (1996). ​ From 1996 to 1998, Tatyana works at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Kiev Headquarters optimizing energy supply chain via Bills of Exchange platform. 

In December of 1998, Tatyana moves to the US.


State of Washington becomes a home for Thulien's family for a several months. In the summer of 1999, Thulien's settle in  Rockford, Minnesota, a state where Anthony and Natalie are born. Tatyana becomes Russian-Ukrainian medical interpreter. She also works in the Minnesota Public school system as a teacher assistant and later a teacher. Tatyana also becomes an editor for the Russian language newspaper "Northern Star". in 2008, she earns mini-MBA with the Opus School of business (St. Thomas University), and earns her realtor license. She also becomes very involved in the local community by organizing several cultiral events.  

In 2011, Tatyana's family moves to Charlotte, where she continues to work as an interpreter, cultural events organizer and singer. Since 2013, Tatyana has been a member of Opera Carolina. In 2014,  Tatyana and a group of enthusiasts establish Charlotte Slavic Cultural Festival, which attracted hundreds of performers and guests. She also participates in the number of classical and folk musical events, including Oregon Slavic Festival, Hot Sand Festival, Stranniki Festival, Russian Seasons in Charlotte (in collaboration with Opera Carolina and International House). From 2017 through 2021, Tatyana teaches Russian language and Soviet Cinematography at the Wake Tech College and Appalachian State University.

In 2021, Tatyana becomes a recipient of the Appalachian State University "FOR EXCELLENT TEACHING" recognition.  

20+ years of instruction, interpreting, writing and communication experience, Tatyana divides her time between teaching, community serving and bilingual media platforms (Charlotte Russian Radio, Open Mind Channel, KontinentUSA,) as an Instructor, Organizer, Contributing Writer, and a live air show Co-Host.

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Accountability. Dignity.
Opportunity. Safety. 

The Mecklenburg County citizens need to have a genuine voice for their needs and issues. I will be such voice and an honest representation of the people of Mecklenburg County, in which I’ve lived for over a decade. I will work tirelessly to address concerns and find solutions regarding areas of fair property taxes, public health, education, harmonical development, safe and friendly environment.

I will act as a liaison between the public and the city government to help make changes that will benefit the citizens and businesses: rational tax rate adjustments, welcoming businesses environment, investments in education amid accountability for the millions invested in CMS and infrastructure. 

Passions for Education, Art & Culture. 

I believe in strength of education as a guarantee of a healthy, diverse and strong future formed by dignified community.

I believe in the diplomacy of art, culture and sport as a spinal of any society. 

I believe in power of education, art and culture as a guarantee of a prosperous future. 

We, the taxpayers have a right to know what our money are spent on. I am calling on state 

auditor to step in and perform a CMS budget transparent audit


Taxes & Infrastruture

Is Mecklenburg County affordable today? Who can afford living here comfortably? Does most recent revaluation puts thousands of constituents at risk of losing their homes?  I am deeply concerned about affordability of our community. Real Estate market has driven prices up, and revaluation 2022 already determined the new median price at $396,000. Thus, our taxes will go up 48% unless the new Board of commissioners will keep it revenue neutral.

What about County's budget? BOC sends to CMS $629,000,000 a year. which along with other budgets from the city of Charlotte and federal money, translates into $15,000 per pupil. But students performance is historically low! We need audit and real actions to improve students' performance rather than just bloating CMS budget up from year to year.  

We need accountability. Yes, we are expanding at a great rate. But we cannot keep raising our taxes just to throw our money away. We do not need more taxes collected. We need a rational spending of those already paid, especially amid growing inflation. 

We need common sense policies and promises to be fulfilled.

Traditional values

I stand for the Constitution of the United States, Pledge of Allegiance and for our faith not to be humiliated and abandoned. Being born and raised in the Soviet Union, I know for fact, that socialism is not making everyone equal.

It provides a government with total control, and the equality comes in the shape for everyone to be equally robbed and left on the brink of a bear survival.

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